JWI Supporting for the First Debut of IPC CFX Demo Line in China

IPC, as the most respected and leading global industrial organization, aims to provide standards and high-quality items to support modern electronics industry.  From 10th-12th, Oct, the demonstration of IPC CFX Demo Line ( The Standard Demonstration Production Line of IPC Global Connected Factory Data Exchange ) in  the exhibition of South China Electronics Manufacturing Device was the first debut for IPC CFX Demo in China since its prior successful display in the US and Germany!

The goal of CFX (Connected Factory Exchange) standard: In accordance with the communication norms of Global IIoT Manufacturing and meet all requirements from Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Digital Factory. Based on the IPC CFX-2591 standard, the visualization process can be presented on-site completely, which provide a preferred solution for many upstream and downstream enterprises, as well as a sophisticated end-to-end system. In this exhibition, it highlights that how CFX standard can complete the whole process of real-time industrial big data acquisition, connection, transmission, analysis and modeling, generalization and application in a high-efficiency way.

As the first show for IPC CFX Demo Line in China, it finally chose to cooperate with Jiewei Software (JWI) to provide device connectivity and the solution of IPC CFX Demo Line on-site visualization application.

On-site Demo Line is a real SMT production environment. With the coordination of JWI Device Mate, all the connected manufacturer device data are collected to be converted into CFX standard format and uploaded to the cloud. This cloud service is provided by Huawei technology. The live audiences can monitor CFX messages in a real-time through the large screen Demo Line visualization application. Apart from backing up this exhibition, JWI also contributes IPC CFX Ready Solution.

The application demonstrated in this exhibition by Huawei and Wangyou, two software vendors of Demo Line is supported by JWI Device Mate to support the standard CFX message.

This time, JWI also first releases its latest developed IoT gateway box . The IoT box is a combination of serial port, network port, and I/O port, which can be data exchanged with most industrial control devices (such as CNC machine tools, robot arms, sparks, deep holes drills, punches, injection molding machines, SMT devices, etc.) It also has the function of device positioning with GPS and 4G module, meets the requirements of data exchange with external network. On-site customers showed great interest in JWI IoT gateway box and consulted it for several times.

At the same time, the Intelligent Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Summit Forum was held, in which, Mr. Per Johnsson, CEO of JWI, shared more about IPC CFX: device-oriented digital factory solution, which was highly praised by the professionals and experts on the spot and greatly highlighted JWI ability.

In addition to PC side, we can also support mobile terminal by scanning the QR code of CFX Demo Line.

With the technology communication and demo demonstration, there are heated response among customers, who consulted a lot from JWI. Nearly 100 companies such as well-known enterprises Gree, Huawei, ZTE, Foxconn, Aviation Research Institute all showed great interest in JWI Device Mate product and its ability. They take the initiative to leave their own business message to facilitate deeper exchange and cooperation with JWI in the follow-up.

Finally, thanks for your attention and suggestions on JWI product, and please look forward to JWI for more powerful products!

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