Is your business changing fast, but your IT is not flexible to support the changes? Are you planning your digitalization but not sure how to balance between new and old?
Questions at the core of JWI when we designed the next generation industrial software in our pursuit of driving real digital transformation.


  • Industry <br>Experience


    JWI has long and deep experience in engineering & manufacturing solving problems for some of the most demanding customers in the world

  • Technology & Architecture

    Technology & Architecture

    Our applications are based purely on cloud native technology all in an integrated architecture that ensure fast and flexible deployments while opening for solutions not possible in the past.

  • Solving<br> Real Problems

    Real Problems

    JWI software is addressing the most pressing and urgent real challenges our customers are facing today while scaling for longer term digital transformation

Addressing challenges that matters
Our Data driven applications are designed to address the big challenges our customers are facing to allow you to be competitive also in the future. If you recognize the challenges below, please let us hear from you.

Mass Customization

Mass Customization

Deliver customized products to individual customers with minimal additional cost or delays. Configurable products, automated design and zero manufacturing set up time enables “The Markets of One”.

Customer to Manufacturing

Customer to Manufacturing

Quickly respond to customer and deliver the product faster with higher customer involvement is a key differentiator. Speed to evaluate, design, and manufacture a product require a seamlessly integrated environment & data driven decision making.

Smart Operations

Smart Operations

Improved operation efficiency comes from automation & better decisions made through the product lifecycle. Smart Operations use data & AI across the value chain for smart recommendation and automated process execution.

The Digital Factory

The Digital Factory

The Digital Factory capture data from machines, systems, components & products to optimize the overall factory operations. Analyzing quality, material flow, machine utilization, improves throughput, quality, cost & lead time.

Digital Engineering Experience

Digital Engineering Experience

Manufacturers today heavily depend on experience of individual engineers to make the right decisions. Experience is scarce and hard to transfer. Scaling, transferring or outsourcing design & manufacturing all depends on using data to capture & transfer experience.


Boosting your Engineering Productivity

Role based, flexible and scalable engineering applications easily adopted to your business needs

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Digital Engineering

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