Customer Driven Innovation

For companies to be successful today they must respond faster to customers’ needs and delver more customer focused products faster while maintaining quality & cost control.
The most important asset a company has is the experience and data about customers, designs and manufacturing that all impact the product success.

With this in mind, JWI decided to develop a full set of solutions for Engineering & Manufacturing totally based on cloud native technology to allow customers to unlock the data generated during the product lifecycle and use it to drive automation and better decision making.


Where manufacturing and technology come together

Shenzhen is located in what is called “The World’s Factory”. It is also home to some of the most innovative internet & technology companies on the planet.
What better place to start a company determined to change the way industrial software is being delivered by providing next generation software for engineering & manufacturing.

 Per Johnsson, CEO

“Our Industrial Software address the real problems and challenges our customers are facing today”.

Born out of the innovation hub of Shenzhen, China and after working with some of the most demanding manufacturing companies in the world we have a unique insight into how to apply advanced technology to solve some of the classic manufacturing problems. By building a full set of applications entirely based on cloud native technology, we can address the fundamental challenges companies are facing in terms of flexibility, agility and scalability at the same time they can start their journey of digital transformation.”

Per Johnsson, CEO


CIMdata——JWI : Going Global from China
For Chinese and Asian companies looking for a PLM solution, JWI should be on their short list. For global companies with operations in China or Asia, pay attention to JWI, as it may fit your needs today or likely will in the future.

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